We all know what it is to be at the end of a difficult journey and to be just barely hanging on by a thread.

We know what it is to have to muster up the very last bits of our strength in order to finish what we’ve started.

By now, we know perseverance.

And because we have empathy for how that feels, and have the life experience to know that those who are in the same place we once were are almost “there,” it’s our gift to reach back and say, “you’ve got this! You can do this! I see your future and it’s bright!”

It costs nothing, but it gives us the opportunity to be the support we could have used when we were in that same place.

Now, because life is a series of cycles, and some of you are coming up again to the place where you could use some encouragement, I invite you to lift your eyes to the hopeful encouragement that is coming to you.

There is absolutely someone wanting to hold your hand. Be open to experiencing that kind of support. Allow their good will to help you muster the energy to finish this cycle.

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