Good morning, world.

Today’s reminder is of the balance between being a force of nature & working with nature to find moderation, inner peace, and safety for your inner self.

I’m not sure about you all, but I’m a bit of a firecracker today. Perceived offenses compel me to strike back. I’m a woman on a mission who is out for vengeance.

And yet.

This is simply evidence that my peace is being disturbed by people outside of me… and will go on if I’ll continue to allow it.

There’s another option. I can be still. I can choose to disallow others to rock my boat today.

I get to pick how I feel.

Today, I invite you to either be a listening ear for my expression of irritation – fueling my fire with battle cries and righteous indignation. Or else remind me that those people are simply showing me where I am not free.

Either way I might choose to be is valid. It’s really a matter of preference.

#itsyourchoice #balance #firewithin #righteousindignation #fury #innerpeace #choosehappiness


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