Type 1: the Magical

This is where there’s no explanation, and is definitely the more “woo” of the two.

Let’s be clear: I’m not against woo. I’m pretty woo if we get down to the nuts and bolts here. I read tarot cards and am practicing reading astrological charts. I know about and can describe every astrological sign and the difference between the moon, the rising sign, and the ascending sign. I have studied every religion there is, including the pagan, metaphysical, and buddhist forms.

And as far as manifestation goes, the Magical version is just that: magic.

Pragmatic #queengorilla is gonna say it bluntly: the Magical version is where you attribute creation based on nothing you actually did, to random experiences.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t “real” or that you shouldn’t use it.

Type 2: the Psychological

This version of manifestation is entirely action-based. And it works a helluva lot more quickly because you’re actually doing the things in order to get what you want. As far as types of manifestation go, the Psychological is the one where you have an intention and then you act “as if.”

For me personally, I prefer this version. It doesn’t mean you’re not manifesting stuff – it’s not a contradiction in words. However, when you are intentionally manifesting and you make a decision and behave in ways that support that decision, you are FAR more likely to end up with the end results you intended (or desired).

So now that I’ve defined them, I’d like to give you two examples of my experience with the two Types of manifestation. 🙂

The Examples

When I was first learning the practice of manifestation, I thought it was only about the Magical version. I had watched the movie The Secret 9 billionty times. I had the audio version on my mp3 player. I could basically repeat it word for word.

Because I’m super scientifically-oriented, I had to test it in order to prove its worth. I decided to start out simple: I worked in a cubicle farm at the hospital and my intention was for a brownie to magically appear on my desk without reason.

I expressed this intention to all of my colleagues, and wrote about it in the blog I had at the time. A sticky note hung off the corner of my gigantic computer monitor, with a picture of a brownie drawn on it. I revisited my intention every day.

Within 2 weeks, there was a random employee appreciation day, where a group of people from HR pushed around a cart with 3 different kinds of treats: a slice of pie, an oversized cookie…. or a brownie.

But… I wasn’t at my desk when it happened. Luckily I had communicated my intention frequently with a colleague so when I returned from the bathroom…

VIOLA! A brownie, right there on my desk.

And of course I attributed it to the Law of Attraction – my own personal attribution of intention on the random thing that happened.


The next example is where I set the intention of changing my body into something I loved.

I decided that I was going to tell myself a few times a day, “I love my beautiful body.”

As with all behavioral changes or new habits you’re trying to form, it’s necessary to identify what you will use as a trigger for the behavior, so that you remember to do it. You have to decide and then speak it to yourself like this: “When my necklace clasp circles around and hits the pendant, I will whisper to myself, “I love my beautiful body.””

And so I did.

And my necklace clasp hit the pendant 4-5 times a day. So I was really changing the tapes inside my brain that used to tell me, “You’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re worthless.”

As my identity (the messages I told myself regularly) changed, so did my behavior. I started eating more vegetables and less cheese. I started saying “yes” to exercise invitations. I used fewer creamers in my coffee. lol

So it wasn’t a huge surprise that I shed 20 pounds without a whole lot of effort. It hardly felt like I did anything at all other than repeat to myself consistently: “I love my beautiful body.”

So now that you know…

The two Types of manifestation, which will you use to accomplish all of your huge dreams? I’d love it if you commented below. What are your dreams? Do you believe in manifestation? Which version works best for you?



  1. I’m still working on my manifestation ability. It’s a fairly new concept to me. But I’ve been hearing a lot about it from the right kind of people so i’m working on it!

    1. I think it’s an ongoing practice a lot like patience – like first you dabble, then you find a rhythm.

  2. Thank you my Queen!I will use both: No.1 To change my mindset about myself.No. 2 To bring my HUGE dream into the world.

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