Today, let’s talk about your relationship with money.

Do you see having money and having “enough” through the lens of, “you have to be greedy or harsh in order to get to the point of having enough”?

Do you feel that the only way to “get there” is through blood, swear, and tears… and never being satisfied?

Is there a story or belief down inside of you that says you are discontent if you go after the all mighty dollar?

Today’s reminder is that you don’t have to be any of those negative characteristics while still being fiscally responsible and financially savvy. You can be satisfied with what you have and continue to build your empire. You can do good with what you earn. You can do more than what you currently can if you continue to achieve. And recognize that even if you’re not “there” yet, you are still lavishly rich.

Wealth isn’t measured by finances alone. And it’s no measure of goodness or lack of. It’s simply an exchange of your energy and time and effort and skill for a currency that allows you to acquire more of what you want and need.

(This world is abundant and many times you don’t even need to exchange all that for what you need. Find a gift economy to be a part of. Volunteer your time.)

You are invited today to rethink how you feel about money. It’s neither what you think of it, nor what you do with it. 💚

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