Your angry savior complex would look great with a pair of pantyhose.

As for me… I’d fancy a chill inside voice that allows me to be okay, even in a chaotic universe.

This is new.

I see it in others because not so long ago, I was the savior.


Simply: some things inside of me weren’t right and it was easier to “fix” others instead of focusing on my own broken beliefs and impairments.

Now that I’ve been down one road and up the other, I can see where I allowed my behavior to impair interactions.

To alter how I communicated.

To end relationships, even ones I cared a lot about.

Because when you become a savior, you place yourself above the person who needs to be saved. You come at them like they cannot help themselves. You treat them as less than and different.

It’s only human.

A human condition.

To want to save the world.

But I implore you… I see your blood pressure rising. Your righteous rage threatening to spew out your eardrums.

And I beg you…

To breathe.

You say it’s a privilege to not speak up. So you fall on your sword? Because a martyr is here to make a statement – that the world needs more martyrs?

No. If you can’t take care of yourself, if you can’t find peace within, you cannot carry that cross. Or you can, if you will…

Perhaps I’m old fashioned, and perhaps I am wrong. But I don’t see peace coming out of chaos.


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