There are a million things I’d say to the teenage girls of this world. More than I would actually want to write about publicly, but suffice it to say (for now) that there are a few things you might prefer to be instead of being someone’s “snack.”

It doesn’t escape me that every new generation has its own language – and this newest gen – Generation Z or the Post Millennials is no exception.

A lot of it has been warmly embraced by all – a result of the internet age. The reddit readers of the world are connecting us all through stupid memes that only a small number of folks actually know the meaning of.

And we’re guilty AF if we don’t admit that we gasped at first sight of “AF” and yet here we are now, bastardizing the slang into being cool AFAF*, just so we’re honest here.


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  1. Don’t be someone’s snack. I know it means you look good. That’s great and all. Look nice, do what makes you feel good. But do it for you, not so someone says, “She’s not just a snack, she’s a whole damn meal.”
  2. While we’re talking about posing as a snack on Instagram, can we address this whole, “Someone wife her up” thing?

Young ladies, you are so much more than that. I fell for that scam, too, when I was your age. Boy crazy… well, that was me, too, up until I was about 27 years old.

I get it.

And maybe you can’t avoid it because your ovaries are pumping messages to your brain that make you think “I need a man” and maybe it’s something all teenage girls will experience forever.

But maybe not.

Maybe there’s a clear millisecond when your brain remembers what it was like to not marinate in estrogen, and maybe for just a moment you can hear me out.

Ladies, you do NOT need a boyfriend. You don’t need a husband. Yes, they’re nice to have – but don’t count on that for another decade or more. It’s totally okay to be badass and single.

You don’t need permission from a dude to tell you you’re beautiful. You don’t need to wait around waiting to be accepted. Take what you want from this life. Do it now.

Set your goals and achieve the hell out of them. You can be pretty while you do it. You can be ugly, too, if you want. No big deal. It’s not about what you look like.

Who you are is not who your boyfriend is.

It’s not about how hot you are.

Not about how snackable you think you might need to be.

And… of course there’s an element of feeling sexy in sexuality.  And that’s where those hormones come in. Yes, you should embrace that part of you, too.

But that’s not all you are.

That’s the great part of being a nearly grown human… you get to discover all the things you are now. You’re more than a snack, you’re also a million other things. You’re a friend, a sister, a daughter, a friend… a classmate, a student, able to learn and grow and make mistakes and accomplish big things.

Don’t limit yourself.

And when you find a boy who makes your lower half tingle and your heart ache, if he doesn’t feel the same way, know he’s not the right one for you.

But there will be. Don’t be in a hurry – you’ll find him. Or her.

And when you finally get there – to the “just right one” for you, you’ll giggle about how much effort and energy you put into being a snack for all those high school boys.



*PS AF stands for “as fuck.”


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