Loving your body (your physical manifestation of self) is an active behavior. You can’t just passively expect that someday in the future you’ll wake up and love this physical part of yourself.

It takes intention and attention.

This body you’ve got isn’t just some slab you were assigned to when you were born.

It is so much a part of you that it’s literally the only part you can see, touch, taste, smell, and feel. Instead of being emotionally detached from it (which is natural when it doesn’t do what you want it to, or when it does stuff that you don’t want it to), I challenge you to integrate – become one with your body.

You could refer to it as a “vehicle” that needs to be maintained – but for me, I had to really dig in deep and recognize that IT IS ME. And yes, I am more than my body (thank gods, because my mind and spirit are separate and equally important). But that thing I can touch and feel is me, manifested into this world.

So what does that mean?

In short: bodies are meant to move in this space. That is literally the one purpose they have. Without a body, we are immobile. We could never see ourselves operate in space.

And that’s not an ableist thing to say – even if you physically cannot move – or cannot visually see yourself in space – as long as you can still breathe – YOU ARE IN THIS SPACE. That is the purpose of your body.

You are here.

Your body is meant to experience the physicality of this life.

Your body functions best when you move it.

Your body functions best when you put the fuel in it that serves it best.

Your body functions best when you give it the rest it needs every night. When you give it the nutrition it needs. When you drench it with clean water. When you nurture it and care for it like you would if you were body-sitting for your best friend.

Your body was designed to experience the pleasures of this plane… to have the experiences that help your body to produce the chemicals your brain needs to FEEL AMAZING.

Who are you to withhold the highest experience of yourself from yourself?

Body love isn’t something that will magically happen without you doing something about it. You must do whatever it takes to care for it – to cause the great joy that comes along with “owning a body.” Of taking part in this physical experience.

I challenge you to figure out what that looks like.

Every person’s body is different. Because everybody is different. But here you are 🙂


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