Good morning, world.

Today’s reminder is of those conflicts that distract us from intellectual pursuits.

Raise your hand of you also get caught up in the trainwrecks of Facebook drama 

Life is sometimes like a soap opera. And like any good rubberneck, I also enjoy a scrumptious piece of melodrama. Humans are deliciously messy – and I’m in for it.

AND every time I allow myself to dig into that which doesn’t belong to me, I’m taking a step back from the pursuit of wisdom.

Though I love to think of it as entertainment (I mean why do you think TV dramas are so successful? It’s human nature to watch complex social situations fire up and explode.), this behavior is slightly more than entertainment and admittedly NOT the energy I need to marinate my soul in.

So here’s your reminder and mine… We’re on a mission for intellectual and soul-level wisdom. And sadly, Facebook drama is not that. 藍藍

Keep this in mind as you grab your popcorn and get fired up but the ridiculous comments on public news and politics posts. Remember this when Sally from first grade has her life meltdown in front of 4000 half connections. Don’t forget it when your third cousin’s husband’s best friend’s neighbor decides to air his uncle’s dirty laundry.

I’m in for it, but I’m so much more in for me.

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