Let’s talk about survival of the adaptable today!

One thing this last year has taught me is that there are many of us equipped to deal with significant life changes & some who are completely incapable of doing what is needed in order to survive. Quite literally.

Today’s reminder could be taken as, “Hey, someone’s pregnant & their life is about to change dramatically!” But I don’t pretend that the cards predict the future.

So instead, let’s take this reminder as one of: Just how capable are you at dealing with major life changes? These don’t have to be bad changes. But any amount of change equals stress. How likely are you to internalize that stress? How capable are you to roll with the proverbial punches?

Today’s reminder asks you to pause and take some vitamin B. I’ll personally need to remember this as the day tumbles along with our new puppies at the driver’s seat.

Less sleep, less time to do regular chores, a ridiculous amount of mud and potty training accidents and treats to get them to do what you want.

Oh, yes. Much like a new baby. 🍼👶

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