Life has a funny way of revealing where you’re not free. It’s your opportunity to snuggle in and heal those parts inside. So here we are. 😳

Can you go back to the most hurt you’ve ever felt by someone? Sit with that version of you- as your higher Self with the past you who was harmed.

Speak to the past version of you as you would as the wise, all-knowing version. Give yourself words of encouragement and understanding. Let yourself know that you’ll get through it. Tell yourself what you’ll go through and why & how it will be okay.

And maybe just sit with the feelings and together.

Tell yourself what you’ll learn from the experiences.

And reassure yourself of the positive outcome that you’ll experience when it’s over.

Give out those words of encouragement because that kind of strength comes from you, from within. It cannot be acquired through other people. Only through experience and personal wisdom. Let past you stand taller knowing what will come from it all.

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