It’s kind of difficult to put it into the right words, but I’m going to try!

Meditation is essentially another tool to use to be able to “drop in.”

Now, if you haven’t been on a shamanic retreat before, you likely don’t have any idea what “dropping in” means – and I’m not going to get explicit about it here… but basically there’s an openness and a connection you can have with your higher self – where you can basically access those things about yourself – both the things that feel good or those that need work.


I guess what you would likely want to know next is, “How?”

“How do you learn to connect with the part of you that knows?”

“How do you heal what hurts when you go in deeper?”

And I’m not going to pretend like I have the words to teach you that. But I can tell you what it is that I personally do.

First, I lay on my bed with my little white kitty, Floyd, heaped under a couple of comfy, thin blankets – and as the weather cools, I even add my heating pad to the mix. You can sit up straight if you want – but I prefer to lay down.

Then I relax. And let my mind slow down. And if my mind is going faster than that, I observe the thoughts without judgment.

And then I trust.

I trust that there’s a part of me that is wise. A part that has the answers when the “me” part of me doesn’t know what to do. A part of me that, if I was a praying sort, I would pray to for help when I needed it. And I trust that this part of me is listening.

I don’t usually go into my meditations with a specific question. Mostly I just wait until I identify what I’m feeling. Sometimes my wandering mind is the conversation jumping-off-point.

With time and repetition, I began to feel like I have a relationship with that part of me that knows.

And after time, my daily practice began to feel like an ongoing conversation with a friend.

And “dropping in” was like a brief but powerful cuppa tea with the wisest, safest person I know.

That feels pretty special.

Also, should I be compelled to feel grateful for the peace and calm that I’m experiencing, I shimmy on in to that… sinking myself deeper into the bed, and I think, “Damn it’s good to be able to do this every day, here in the safety of my home, without any side effects or expense!”


So what do you think? Did I describe it enough for you to understand it? Does this kind of conversation interest you?


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