I loved “choose your own adventure” books when I was a kid.

Do you remember reading them and thinking, “I don’t know how they made this magic happen, but I can re-read this book a ton of times and get a totally different story each time!”

It was awe-inspiring. Even though I knew it was just a book that was chunked out. That kind of strategy, though, was just so mind-blowing to me.


You know what else is amazing?

Life is kinda like a choose your own adventure story.

And the thing is, unless you choose death or dismemberment (or poison or violence), your adventure goes as long as this meatsuit will allow it.

I don’t really even want to go deeper on this. Just mull that around.

If your life was a choose your own adventure book, please comment below – what would you choose next? Does anything change for you if you think like that? Also, consider liking my Facebook Page and subscribing to this blog so you receive updates when I publish the next blog post (top right corner of this blog).


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