It is not your job to hold space for others.

It is not your job to judge what others say or do.

It is not your job to be “caught up on all the things.”

It is not your job to raise awareness.

It is not your job to sound the alarm.

It IS your job to hold your peace.

Above all else.


^^^ A post I wrote on Facebook on January 7th, the day after an attempted coup on our nation’s Capitol.

More than anything, I want to scream at loved ones, “How is your furiousness treating your soul?!” Yet to be moralistic about moralism… well, I’m sure you can see the irony in that.

Just like putting an oxygen mask on yourself first, though, I stand by the statement that you are the only one who can preserve yourself.

And when you do, you can expect even your finest of friends to disagree with you. To tell you just how very wrong you are for putting yourself first. “Your privilege is showing.”

I do feel attacked. And also like I shouldn’t have expected anything different. Angry is as angry does.

So I logged off of Facebook today. Off of my phone and off of my laptop. And perhaps… perhaps I can continue to find peace over here in my own universe. It’s quiet here.

But I think I’ll be okay with that.

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