Seems there’s a theme arising in my life and I figure it’s not too late to get all the words down “on paper” – maybe you need to hear them, too.

Part of receiving and being open for the greatness that life gives us is releasing that which no longer serves us.

Because the universe abhors a vacuum and such.

Letting go of things – whether it be actual stuff, people, or even extra bodily fat – cannot reliably be referred to as “losing” it. Because when you have “lost” something, your inner five year old frantically searches for what it is missing. However, if you intentionally release something – which is another way of saying “forgiving it,” you might find yourself at ease instead of in a subconscious panic.

First, forgiveness: The healthiest form of forgiveness is to set down the weight of the pain you’ve been carrying. It’s not about absolution of another person’s crimes as much as YOU no longer feeling it necessary to carry it.

Releasing something – a person or the thing that they’ve done, even stuff – is much like setting it down. Eventually you get to the point where you reel back in the weight that you’ve placed on all of the other people/things – and that part of you returns like a fishing lure. Release means you’re no longer scattered about and reliant upon the whims of people and stuff outside of you.

Non-traumatic people and situations come into our lives for two reasons: 1) so that we may bless them or 2) so that we may learn from them.

And while this may sound like a gross oversimplification of things, especially in the situation of trauma, I want you to sit with this on the level of non-traumatic experience. I’m not saying that the terrible things in life happen for a reason.

However, for those people who bother us, who bump us off our path, or who knock the wind from our sails – those people, after friendship or work relationship, transactions or proximity, serve us – or else we serve them on some level.

With that preface… for those who are no longer serving a purpose, it’s okay to bless and release.

As you imagine exactly who you really ought to bless and release – you might feel a little bit of frenzy inside. That’s your five year old. She’s feeling scared to lose something. Remember, releasing is what you do to a captured butterfly. It’s what you do to a wild animal caught in a trap. It’s freeing for them, and it feels good to you because that thing is no longer trapped.

And for that matter, you really don’t need to entrap anything in order to call it yours. Bless and release is not a reflection of your failure. It is instead an acknowledgement of allowing. Of preparing to receive.

I’ve learned a lot recently in the ways of bless and receive – it’s in alignment with the post I wrote about Return to Sender. Essentially, it’s a matter of us reclaiming our own personal power and separating ourselves from the things that try to bury us. The funny thing is, we’re not taught to have this sort of emotional control over our minds, let alone over our lives. Yet, we still get to either choose to be erratic and reactive, or we can choose to be healthy. To take a pause and be responsible for our experience in life.

Knowing this, and with the full intention of being receptive to the next great lesson in life, I am going to bless and release a few people I’ve held hostage in my heart for quite some time now. I send them off with a sweet blessing and nod to the lesson they brought me. And when I’m tempted to spin the lasso above me, I’m going to be reminded to “bless and release” for now.

Every day is a chance to live a healthier life.

If you have someone or something you’re ready to “bless and release”, please comment below with, “I bless and release.” And as you see yourself transform from that experience, I want you to come back and tell us about it. Also, consider liking my Facebook Page and subscribing to this blog so you receive updates when I publish the next blog post (top right corner of this blog).



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