A side effect of daily meditation is that sometimes I get to go in deep to the recesses of my soul and find the places that need healing. It’s like an immune system for my soul.

Here is something I wrote while on one of the healing missions:

If I could go back today to 17 year old me and tell her what the future will be like for her, I would say,

“hey girl, this life is going to bring you more heartbreak than you think you can handle. You’ll handle it, though, sometimes with grace – and sometimes you’re going to be sloppy as hell. It’s going to be horribly painful at parts, but overall you’re still going to be pretty happy. Eventually you’ll figure out how to have everything you want from life. One day, you’ll be completely grateful every single morning of your life… And those people and circumstances that will hurt you? You’ll lose touch with all of them. You won’t know how their lives turned out, and you won’t care. One day, you’ll realize that without them, you would never have figured out how to feel joy.”

Ash Tuesday Porter 02/27/21

And whether we want to hear it or not – creating a relationship with the little kid part inside of you is one of the fastest ways of creating true self trust.

Be the adult you needed as a kid.

Befriend that part inside of you that needed someone to listen to her.

And tell us where you’re going from here.


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