When you’ve had a transformative loss or experienced the depths of grief, it’s easy to think you’re an island. That no one has ever felt this extreme hole in their soul as you have.

Because I’m speaking to several of you, please hear this and know that you’re not alone. Part of the human experience is as much about grief as it is about joy. Whether you’re surrounded with those who have gone through it before, or if you’re the first, know you’re not alone.

Today’s reminder is about the recovery and harmony that follows loss, transformative grief, and sadness.

How might your focus on your recovery instead of your losses? In what ways might you blend joy with grief? How can you find your balance and harmony again?

Part of the grief process is to observe yourself, and appreciate the depths of your emotion. But to also follow that appreciation with the gratitude for your ability to love.

How might you see beauty in the transformation?

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