Good morning, world.

Maybe there’s joy and fondness you can recall from childhood, and maybe there isn’t, and today’s reminder is that you have a healthy maternal part inside of you that can re-parent your inner child parts.

Here’s your invitation to be compassionate, gentle, empathic and loving to the parts inside of you that could have used a better parent. Pro tip: every single one of us could have used a better parent because we were all raised by humans. (Maybe had we been raised by wolves – but likely most raised by wolves do not use social media?)

I digress.

You have the person inside of you that you needed when you were little. While the past cannot be changed, your relationship with self can heal. You can be the person you needed when you were young, and you can be that for yourself.

You can be protective of self, you can be tender and sweet and loving, like the perfect mother. Even if you’re a dude.

And even if you don’t look back on your childhood with fond memories, you have the ability to look back on recent memories to  find joy in your life. It may not be your second nature to do this, but you have the ability and I challenge you to try for 2 minutes a day.

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