Hey you – the one with the passion project you’re interested in but won’t pursue it. This reminder is for you. 🙂

Shout out to all of you avoidant types. To you who won’t make a decision because deep down you don’t want to fail or be thought of a certain way. You might think you don’t have enough information yet to decide to pursue what your deepest soul desires. And just so you know, you’re not alone in this stuckness.

AND as long as you continue to avoid doing the thing, you’re going to continue to have those frustrations and pressures build up inside. You’re going to end up fearful and bitter. If you haven’t caught yourself already feeling resentful, I would be a bit surprised.

But it’s not their fault. 😭

You are the source of your own joy. And following through with your passion project might be the right thing to do – or it might be the next step to get you to the right thing. And here’s the secret: there is no “right” thing.

So while you wait and do nothing, you’ve lost one more day in your life to experience all the things.

#followyourheart #whatbringsyoujoy #stalemate #justdoit


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