Good morning, world.

Today’s reminder is this: unexpected chaos and transformational events happen. I don’t know why – or even if they serve an actual purpose. But I do know that they can and will affect you. And me. Sometimes out of the blue. Often, maybe.

We are always going to have plans. And with any luck, we’re curious and passionate and determined about those plans. Hopeful for the future, and excited to go forward. Yet occasionally here come those “disasters” that knock us off our feet. They change us. They might even force us to change plans altogether.

Still, who we are deep inside can either grow more shiny or less because of it. I invite you to become the phoenix- shiny in the face of hellfire.

That part inside of you that is curious, determined, and eager to go on your planned journey doesn’t need to expire. That part inside is still there – and wants to stay shiny.

It’s tempting to allow ourselves to crumble. We don’t always feel strong any more. And that’s not the only way things might turn out for us. Unexpected, transformational chaos might leave a mark on us. It might create us into better characters. And it might also just be a chance for us to come through the other side to show us who we truly are.

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